Learn a language using Netflix

What if instead of learning a language by studying boring materials, you could study just enough to understand an episode of a TV show?

Well, now you can. You can currently learn Spanish, French and German using Langolin.

I’m Dave and here’s why I built this:

You can build your confidence faster

We all know that in order to fully internalize what we’ve learned, we need to practice and use it. Watching what you just learned in a TV show of your choosing means you get to see how it is used by a native speaker and things start to click for you.

Emotional relevance

Movies and songs have the power to create catch phrases. It’s very simple, because the content hits you on an emotional level and is very relevant to you so you have a higher chance of retaining what you just learned.

Easier to build the habit

I’m as guilty of this anyone else. Starting something and then abandoning mid-way. But if I tie my objective with a TV show that I actually enjoy watching, the odds of giving up is slim to none!

Improve your speech perception

Here’s an interesting study by Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics Foreign subtitles improve speech perception

Ready to give it a try? Simply go to langolin.com